#UCIF - U Comment, I Follow Bloggers on Twitter

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Welcome To #UCIF - Get Ready For a Traffic Explosion!

Greetings, tweeps :-)

If you're an active blogger, you're probably familiar with the popular "U Comment, I Follow" blogging movement. It's commonplace now to see "U Comment, I Follow" badges on active blogs, sending a message of mutual support, encouraging readers who blog to leave meaningful comments. It's a great system, and it can work to build any blog from the ground up.

Twitter is also a great venue for blog development. With many tweeters automating the posting of blog entries and even creating separate Twitter accounts for their blogs, it's apparent that these bloggers are looking for more traffic.

Who isn't?

That's why merging the two methods together makes so much sense. Bloggers trust Twitter to help them build their blogs, and if all of the "U Comment I Follow" bloggers on Twitter were able to find each other, everyone's blog would grow!

Cool, huh?

Thus, #UCIF was born. Simply insert #UCIF into any tweet that would be of interest to "U Comment I Follow" bloggers, and like-minded tweeps will be able to find your posts and increase your traffic and readership. Using either Twitter Search or Hashtags.org, you can instantly find a list of new blog readers who want to network with you.

It's that simple.

The only catch is that it only works as well as the size of the #UCIF community. If there are 5 members, then your blog can grow by 5 readers. If there are 5,000 members...well, you do the math. It's also easier to find more blogs that are closely related to yours when there is a large group to choose from. Essentially, the success of #UCIF depends on tweeple who invite their tweeps to join.

Well, how do we do that?

Simply post the following tweet to your own feed as often as you feel is appropriate:

Using Twitter to build your blog? Let me help - visit http://hashtag-ucif.blogspot.com to meet "U Comment, I Follow" bloggers like us #UCIF

It's as simple as that :-)

More is coming soon, including a #UCIF blog directory for easy searching, #UCIF awards, and more. But we can get the ball rolling by leaving comments on this post that include your blog title, url, and description so that we can get to know each other (and get some quick and easy backlinks, too).

To your continued success,

I.C. Jackson